The goal of this project is to support visual artists, Conscious Alliance, and Be Interactive’s COVID micro grants, and is a part of the release of ‘Empathy (Bass Remedy Remix)’ from Bassnectar’s forthcoming ‘All Colors’ album.


Artists from all over will be posting canvases, prints, shirts, jewelry, or other merch, for sale with the hashtag #EmpathyArt, and donating at least 50% of the income generated to support either Be Interactive’s COVID micro-grants, or Conscious Alliance’s massive effort to feed the hungry, which has donated over 500,000 meals since mid-March to help address dire shortages in the food bank system.

Both Conscious Alliance and Be Interactive have depended largely on shows for donations, and with those on hiatus, we’re working together on creative, decentralized ways to raise both funds, and awareness – as well as create an opportunity for artists who may also be struggling during these crazy times.

Unity 24x36 Canvas Print - 50% of proceeds to charity